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New from Kalmbach Publications

Model Railroad Planning 2017

Inside this edition you’ll find 100 pages of model railroads in the planning and construction phases. This special issue features 14 stories covering layout advice, expert tips, and detailed instructions from the best in the field. An essential tool for all skill levels, you’ll learn everything from track planning and yard construction, to scenery tricks and creating photogenic layouts. Includes layouts in HO, N, and O scales.
Some of the featured topics include:
* Discover how a photo inspired David Popp to model an HO railroad.
* Learn how Doug Kirkpatrick uses a series of mirrors.
* Gerry Leone recommends the importance of giving intricate scenes breathing room.
* Take a pop quiz from Tony Koester about good yard design.
* And much, much more!

£ 9.00

Great Trains East

Rediscover the golden age of railroad travel in America’s busiest region: the East. This 124-page collectors edition recalls an era of optimism when luxurious trains transported passengers to the country’s leading cities including Boston, New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Featured trains include Baltimore & Ohio’s Royal Blue, Norfolk & Western’s Powhatan Arrow, Boston & Maine’s Flying Yankee, Jersey Central’s Blue Comet, and more!
Timeless stories — penned by the best authors in the field — cover the following great trains:
* 20th Century Limited — Considered the most luxurious passenger train in America, this New York to Chicago train was New York Central’s crown jewel.
* Broadway Limited — Operated by Pennsylvania Railroad, this all-Pullman train was the Century’s chief rival.
* Champion and Silver Meteor — These two stainless-steel streamliners whisked vacationers from the wintery Northeast to sunny Florida.
* Merchants Limited — An all first-class train between two of America’s greatest cities — New York and Boston.
And many more!

£ 13.00


CHICAGO, America’s Railroad Capital
By Kalmbach

In this DVD, Chicago, America’s Railroad Capital, you’ll discover how the third largest U.S. city became the nation’s most important hub, serving six of North America’s largest railroads. Along with its robust commuter system, more rail traffic passes through Chicago than any other city in America.
This special 60-minute video from Trains magazine features historical information and contemporary footage of passenger and freight trains, commuter lines, stations, modernization projects, and hot spots — giving you an up-to-date, behind-the-scenes look at what makes this busy hub so special.

Running time 60 minutes.WIDESCREEN DVD
Regular price £22.00
NEW RELEASE OFFER UNTIL 17th March 2017 - £21 (free UK & European p&p)

Special Issue

Chicago, America’s Railroad Capital

In this special issue from the editors of Trains magazine, Chicago, America’s Railroad Capital describes how the city’s railroad infrastructure operates as a major hub for national, regional, and local rail traffic.
Some highlights include:
* Historical Overview: Learn how and why the city became the nation’s rail hub.
* Union Station: Explore the Chicago landmark where over 125,000 people pass through each day.
* The L: A look at the city’s rapid transit system through Blair Kooistra’s stunning photography.
* Clearing Yard: See how the Belt Railway of Chicago’s hump yard handles up to 3,300 cars a day.
* Plus: All-new railfan hot spots.
* Bonus: 2 fold-out maps: Chicago Metra today and Chicago-to-Milwaukee routes circa 1940s.
* And more!
Whether you’re a railroad enthusiast or a Chicagoan at heart, you’ll find this 100-page special issue to be a valuable resource for exploring this iconic city.

£ 10.00


Buy BOTH Chicago DVD & Magazine £30 only


By CVision Productions

The Calumet Region is the name given to the geographic areas drained by the Grand Calumet River and the Little Calumet River of northwestern Illinois and Indiana. In this region, many Chicago-destined rail lines that come from the east make a turn along with the southern edge of Lake Michigan. Several north-south lines radiating from the city cross these lines, making for a good deal of rail intersections within a very compact area. Add in all the heavy industry along the lakeshore and one can see why to this day there’s such a proliferation of rail traffic in this geographical region. In volume two of our two part series we will examine rail operations of the region, within the state of Indiana. Locations include Indiana Harbor, Calumet Tower, Grasselli and Gibson. Canadian National Operations on the east end of their Matteson Subdivison are also featured at spots like Ivanhoe and Griffith and we’ll close the show with a look at some moves west of Gary in the vicinity of Tolleston. Colorful scenes of railroading on this fascinating side of Chicago conclude in Calumet Rails, Volume Two from C. Vision Productions.

Running time 120 minutes.WIDESCREEN DVD
May be viewed with or without narration

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NEW RELEASE OFFER UNTIL 17th March 2017 - £21 (free UK & European p&p)

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SD40-2 Survivors Volume 1
By CVision Productions

In January 1972, EMD introduced the SD40-2.This 3,000 horsepower model was one of the most reliable and effective locomotives ever developed.The SD40-2 and its 645 prime mover have operated on railroads for nearly 50 years.Once superior main line power, it has been overtaken by more efficient computerized engines.In the late twenty teens, the SD40-2 is still occasionally operating on main lines, but mostly in local or short run service.In some cases, it has been demoted to yard switching duties.Over the past decade, C. Vision has been covering railroad action around the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin in High Definition.Every train in this program features SD40-2’s leading class one main line trains in all kinds of service in this area.Volume 1 includes BNSF, Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific and Canadian National trains around the Twin Cities area.Other roads are found leading these trains including CSX, Dakota Minnesota & Eastern, Iowa Chicago & Eastern and First Union leasing.

Running time 120 minutes.WIDESCREEN DVD
May be viewed with or without narration

Regular price £22.00
NEW RELEASE OFFER UNTIL 17th March 2017 - £21 (free UK & European p&p)

New from Kalmbach
Beginner’s Guide to Locomotives & Rolling Stock
By Cody Grivno

Keeping locomotives in good condition is critical to smooth operations on a model railroad. In the newest Essential Series book by Cody Grivno, Beginner’s Guide to Locomotives and Rolling Stock, modelers will learn:
* How to choose, buy, and maintain locomotives, freight cars, and passenger cars with a focus on HO and N scales.
* How to perform basic maintenance and simple upgrades using detail parts, new couplers and new wheels.
* The basics about steam and diesel locomotive and freight car types.

Softcover 96 pages 225 color photos 8 1/4 × 10 3/4
£ 21.00

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Union Pacific Power 1965-2015 In Color Volume 1: Switchers, Slugs & Turbines
By Stephen M. Timko

Join us for a detailed look at Union Pacific's switcher, slug, and turbine fleet. Explore the "Veranda" turbines, rebuilt SW10's, "Y-series" units, Control Car Remote Control Locomotives, Shop and Tie Plant switchers and more
Item # 1601

£ 50.00


Chesapeake & Ohio Through Passenger Service In Color
By Geoffrey H. Doughty

After World War II concluded, the Chesapeake & Ohio’s charismatic chairman, Robert R. Young, embarked on an ambitious plan to overhaul its passenger service and invested heavily in new and sometimes exotic equipment. His plans didn’t pan out as he envisioned and he departed in 1954, but C&O remained determined to offer service that would be considered the best. Follow the postwar development of this service and its decline through the color images as detailed by passenger train authority Geoffrey Doughty.
Item #1602

£ 50.00

X Car Color Guide Volume 5: TLCX-ZTTX
By James A. Kinkaid

The final excerpt in this color pictorial of privately-owned cars. Color galore!
Item # 1603

£ 50.00

Milwaukee Road Facilities In Color Volume 1: Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa
By Robert J. Yanosey

Stations, towers, shops are shown in use by the locomotives, trains, and employees of the Milwaukee. Follow the Route of the Olympian Hiawatha west from Chicago Union Station to the western edge of the Iowa border.
Item # 1604

£ 50.00


Erie - DL&W - EL Trackside with Bob Krone
By Bob Krone

This book features many of Bob Krone’s early photographs of the Erie, DL&W and EL in New Jersey and New York beginning in 1955 showing first generation diesels at their best. Trackside shots of steam and diesel by the late Robert F. Collins from 1949 through 1976 are also included to complete the coverage from the Hudson River to western New York State.

£ 50.00

Conrail Northern Region In Color
By Douglas N. Leffler

Conrail's Northern Region was comprised of three divisions of the former Canada Southern Railway and Michigan Central Railroad routes through Canada and Michigan. These three Conrail divisions were called the Canada Division, Detroit Division and Michigan Division. The illustrations and text in Conrail Northern Region take the reader on a journey on all three divisions from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada west to Detroit and beyond through Southern Michigan.
Item # 1606

£ 50.00

Finally I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2017!