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New from Kalmbach Publications

(Softcover) By Ken Boyd

This museum-quality book traces the development of North American locomotives from the early 1800s to the present. The collection presents 100 locomotives that are rarely shown together in the same book.
Features include:
* Striking detailed and colored photographs created through painterly techniques.
* Landscape formatted page spreads for optimal viewing.
* A wide variety of historical and modern era locomotives, from the 1805 Trevithick to the high-speed 2013 GE Genesis.
Author: Ken Boyd * Size: 11 x 8.5 * Pages: 232 * Color photos: 200

£ 28.00


EMD’s SD60, Volume 1
By CVision Productions

The SD60 is a six-axle diesel locomotive built by the Electro Motive Division of General Motors from 1984 to 1995. Due to the unreliability of the SD50’s, EMD’s creation of the SD60 was a success as many Class One railroads still roster these locomotives today. The 60’s all have a 3,800 horsepower 16-cylinder 710G series EMD prime mover. This was an improvement to the 3,000 horsepower 645’s that were found in the SD40-2’s.

In this volume, we feature trains led with the standard cab SD60’s from the Soo Line, Canadian Pacific, Canadian National, Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern and the New York, Susquehanna & Western.

In a world of high horsepower and high tech locomotives dominating the rail scene on Class One rails, it is refreshing to see these old workhorses still out doing their thing. Enjoy the sites and sounds of SD60’s!

Running time 150 minsColorHiFi Stereo SoundNarration on/off FeatureWIDESCREEN DVD

©2018 C. Vision Productions
Regular price £21.00
NEW RELEASE OFFER UNTIL 7th December 2018- £20

EMD’s SD60, Volume 2
By CVision Productions

“Widecabs, Cowls & Rebuilds”

In this volume, we take a look at the wide cab models of this locomotive. Included are SD60M’s from BNSF, Union Pacific, Soo Line, Canadian Pacific, CSX and Norfolk Southern. Also included are rebuilt SD60E’s from NS and the Cowl design SD60F’s from Canadian National.

In a world of high horsepower and high tech locos dominating the rail scene on Class One rails, it is refreshing to see these old workhorses still out doing their thing. Enjoy the sites and sounds of SD60’s!

Running time 145 minsColorHiFi Stereo SoundNarration on/off FeatureWIDESCREEN DVD

©2018 C. Vision Productions
Regular price £21.00
NEW RELEASE OFFER UNTIL 7th December 2018- £20



By 7idea Productions

California’s Mojave Desert is the driest place in North America. It ranges in elevation from over 11,000 feet in the Spring Mountains, to 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley. Through this seemingly barren land, a mainline railroad charts a course connecting Salt Lake City with the rich ports of Southern California. It is known as Union Pacific’s Cima Subdivision.

Covering the western portion of the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad, the Cima Subdivision runs for 173 miles between Yermo, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Various intermodal trains race between Chicago and Southern California. Coal trains lumber over the steel rails along with heavy manifests for Salt Lake City, North Platte, and West Colton. Auto rack and ethanol tank trains add to the interesting mix of traffic.

Following the Mojave River, the rails pass through the amazing features of Afton Canyon then race across the dunes to the oasis of Kelso. Next comes the stiff 2.2% climb over Cima Hill. Draw bars strain as big diesels dig in for the nineteen mile pull to the summit. Crossing into Nevada, trains leave the lonely desert behind as they roll among the lights of Las Vegas.

This program was shot in March and April of 2018.

Run Time: 1 hour 58 minutesNarrationon/off featureWIDESCREEN DVD

Regular price £23.00
NEW RELEASE OFFER UNTIL 7th December 2018- £22

Blu-Ray Price £23.00
(FREE UK & Europe p&p)

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New from Kalmbach Publications

Mountain Railroads

The epic struggle against gravity in the age of steam and early diesel.

Mountain Railroads, the latest special issue from Classic Trains, explores railroading’s battle with gravity and geography — getting heavy trains up steep grades and safely descending them. The 124-page special edition features new and rare photos, detailed maps, and classic articles from Trains magazine, including:
* Horseshoe Curve — A visit to the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Allegheny Mountain landmark in 1940.
* Cajon Pass — To reach Los Angeles, Santa Fe and Union Pacific trains faced a climb of 1.6 percent, then a descent of 3.5 percent!
* 2-10-4 to Revelstoke — Ride the cab with David P. Morgan over Canadian Pacific’s crossing of the Continental Divide.
* Snowbound Streamliner — Hundreds of people were marooned for three days when SP’s City of San Francisco got stuck on Donner Pass.
* Saluda Grade — Generations of crews battled the short but fierce grade of the Southern Railway’s line south of Asheville, N.C.
And more!

ORDER your copy today! Estimated ship date is 14TH SEPT. 2018
£ 11.00

2019 Calendars

Trains Across America 2019 Calendar

The Trains Across America 2019 Calendar captures a variety of moving trains in breathtaking scenes across the country. Curated from the pages of Trains magazine, the bonus section highlights the restoration of two Civil War icons featuring:
The General and the Texas.
Two moments in their restoration histories.
The location of each locomotive today.

Size: 13 x 10.5
£ 15.00

Model Railroader 2018 Calendar

Model Railroader’s 2019 Calendar includes 12 spectacular layouts recently showcased in Model Railroader magazine or Great Model Railroads. A bonus spread in the back features Milwaukee Road’s Beer Line, including:

The staff-built layout (2009) and addition (2017).
Detailed track plans.
A look at how tow projects were built

Size: 13 x 10.5
£ 15.00



Mountain Thunder
By Highball Productions

Incredible steam action on the Heber Valley and Nevada Northern railroads, with 3 engines in action. The Heber Valley’s Baldwin Consolidation type 2-8-0, a former Union Pacific freight engine puts on a magnificent display with a photo freight in Utah’s snow covered Wasatch Mountains, awesome runby action, all sound and fury! Sunrise to sunset action in superb weather. Next is the Nevada Northern, where we take a step back in time in the engine house, then it’s off to lineside for runby action, with recently overhauled passenger 4-6-0 #40 strutting her stuff with a passenger train, including a 124 year old Pullman palace car, and Alco 2-8-0 #93 with a freight train making the valley’s echo with her whistle and exhaust. Some magnificent action in Nevada’s high country. Not to be missed, a must see program for steam lovers everywhere!

Running time 100 minsNarration WIDESCREEN DVD

Regular price £21.00


Available NOVEMBER 1st, 2018

CSX Power In Color Vol. 3
By Kurt Reisweber

The third volume of CSX Power in Color features six-axle locomotives of CSX predecessor railroads built by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors. Photography includes examples of the units throughout their entire careers beginning with 1960s original paint schemes like ACL, SAL, L&N, B&O, C&O, and WM. Outstanding action photos are liberally combined with many comparative roster shots in a colorful multitude of paint schemes.

Ref. 1660

£ 50.00


The Monongahela Railway In Color Vol. 1
By Stephen M. Timko

Volume 1 covers the Brownsville headquarters of this important, Fallen Flag coal hauler, the equipment, and the East Division. The work details the diesel purchases including Baldwin switchers and second-hand Sharks, new GP38’s and hand-me-down GP7’s, and the experimental Super-7’s, as well as run-through power from parents and partners (B&O, Chessie, Penn Central, Conrail, C&NW, Detroit Edison, and others.)

Ref. 1659

£ 50.00


Bicentennials In Color Vol. 2: G-Z
By Stephen M. Timko

Volume 2 concludes our colorful look at the special paint schemes applied to railroad equipment for the nation’s 200th birthday. The work covers equipment owners beginning with the letters G through Z, illustrated by 360 full color photos

Ref 1658

£ 50.00

Available OCTOBER 1st, 2018

Conrail Power In Color Vol. 3: #6000-6999
By Stephen M. Timko

Volume 3 of the 5 volume series covers Big Blue’s early six-wheelers--#6000 to 6999. An in-depth look at first and second-generation SD’s, RSD’s, six-wheeled GE’s, and the big Century series from Alco. The work contains over 360 full-color photos of 31 models of the Conrail fleet and a section roster

Ref. 1657

£ 50.00

Available JULY 1st, 2018

Reading & Northern In Color
By Olev Taremae

Reading and Northern in Color tells the incredible success story of how the Blue Mountain & Reading, the designated operator of a 13 mile branch line north of Reading PA became the award winning regional carrier, Reading, Blue Mountain and Northern serving northeastern PA. First-rate photography and informative captions provide thorough coverage of the 35 year history of the railroads.

Ref 1656

£ 50.00


B&O Power In Color Vol. 3 Geeps
By Bob Withers

This second in a series of Illinois Central Gulf In Color books pays homage to former IC and GM&O operations that were brought together under ICG in August 1972. Included are bird’s-eye views of the yards at Venice, Madison, and East St. Louis; action shots of manifest freights, locals, yard transfers, and yard jobs; beautiful views of IC, GM&O and ICG equipment, structures, signals, junctions, and people from across the terminal; and a look at Peabody Coal operations on the St. Louis District.

Ref. 1649

£ 50.00

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