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Comprehensive Railroad Atlas - Western Canada

Comprehensive Railroad Atlas - Western Canada


Western Canada, includes Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Yukon.

The Atlas shows all currently operated common carrier, tourist and major industrial railroads along with abandoned routes.

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100 Greatest Train Movies

100 Greatest Train Movies


100 Greatest Train Movies, the new special issue from Trains magazine, presents 100 of the best movies featuring trains. Go behind-the-scenes with details from your favorite films; See where Hollywood got it right, and where they didn't ; Get thousands of facts you didn't know about these films and so much more!
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The Book Cliffs rise above the desert floor of eastern Utah stretching 200 miles between the Wasatch Mountains and Colorado's De Beque Canyon. The towering rock faces set the backdrop for the former Denver and Rio Grande Western's Desert Mainline, known today as Union Pacific's Green River Sub.

Running between Grand Junction, Colorado and Helper, Utah, this lesser known route is often overlooked by railfans, yet it offers great railroading action through some of the most incredible scenery you'll find anywhere!

Join 7idea Productions as we take you on an amazing journey through a land few get to see. Hike into Ruby Canyon and catch Amtrak's California Zephyr rolling beneath giant sandstone cliffs. Watch heavy coal trains climbing the grade at Thompson Cut. The scenic highlight of the trip is our tour of the thirty-seven mile Cane Creek Branch near Moab, Utah between Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The ageless setting of the American West overshadows any train that runs through here.

Union Pacific, BNSF, Amtrak, and even the Utah Railway make an appearance as we uncover one of the best kept secret railfan locations in the west! Join us as we travel Across the Utah Desert on Union Pacific's Green River Sub.

1 hour 58 minutes * WIDESCREEN DVD * May be viewed with or without narration.
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SD40-2 Survivors Volume 3

SD40-2 Survivors Volume 3


In January 1972, EMD introduced the SD40-2. The SD40-2 and its 645 prime mover have operated on railroads for nearly 50 years. Once superior main line power, it has been overtaken by more efficient computerized engines. Trains featured in this program all have SD40-2's leading in all kinds of service from the years 2013-2017.

Volume 3 includes BNSF, Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific, Canadian National and CSX trains in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, South Dakota, North Dakota and Indiana. In 2016, CP eliminated nearly all of their SD40-2's from their roster. C. Vision was in the right place at the right time to capture 3 of the remaining 40-2's pulling CP trains in Minnesota. Do you love that MRL blue? Montana Rail Link 40-2's made their way east leading BNSF trains and we were there to record those on the Wayzata Sub! Run through power from RCP&E, DM&E and IC&E are captured on CP trains in the Chicago area. Aside from the Class One's, you will also enjoy the sights and sounds of a few short lines and regionals including "Dakota and Iowa", "Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern" and "Indiana Railroad".

The SD40-2 will always be remembered for its reliability! Its prime mover and large platforms gave this engine a signature sound and look. You can always keep the memories of this locomotive forever in SD40-2 Survivors, Volume 3!

Running Time 2 hours, Narration on/off feature

By CVision Ref D513 DVD Regular Price £22

NEW RELEASE OFFER £21 ONLY UNTIL 3rd November 2017
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The Great Eastern

The Great Eastern


Locomotives of the former Great Eastern Railway at work in Eastern England.

Track One Lineside recordings on the Haverhill - Long Melford Line.

A Journey with a J.15. to Bury-St-Edmunds.

Track Two At Ely Station.

Track Three A journey with a Claud from Newmarket to Kennett.

Track Four At Brundall station and a B.I2. on the Southend line.

Track Five A journey with a Claud from Cantley to Yarmouth.

Track Six At Cambridge Station

Track Seven At South Lynn station.

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The Selkirk Mountains touch the sky at over 11,000 feet in southeastern British Columbia, Canada. Encircled by the Columbia River and dressed in a richly forested garment, the sheer jagged peaks produce an aura of beauty and danger.

Deep within the heart of these mountains, a transcontinental rail line passes through two different tunnels: the five mile long Connaught Tunnel and the nine mile long Mount Macdonald Tunnel, which is the longest railway tunnel in the western hemisphere. This is Canadian Pacific's route over Roger's Pass!

Between Revelstoke and Field, the Mountain Sub lives up to its name with stiff grades of 2.4% that burrow under dangerous avalanche zones. Part of CP's 3,000 mile trans- continental line from Montreal to Vancouver, the Mountain Sub sees high priority intermodal trains, unit grain trains, 152 car coal trains, monster 170 car potash trains, and Canada's premiere passenger train, The Rocky Mountaineer.

A combination of fantastic Canadian scenery and hard-working trains is what this program is all about!

7idea Productions

1 hour 58 minutes o WIDESCREEN o Features narration on/off. Ref D480
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This all-new DVD is a wonderful companion to the 100-page collectors issue, Big Steam is Back. The 90-minute video covers the early years of steam preservation through today's biggest restorations!

See how your favorite big steam locomotives are rebuilt and run - from Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum's Southern Railway 4501, to the big steam story of 2016: the return of Union Pacific 844. This must-see DVD includes dozens of steam locomotives from coast to coast.

What's Included:

UP's Living Legend No. 844 The last of the steam locomotives built for UP. Delivered in 1944 it pulled well known trains such as the Overland Limited, LA Limited, Portland Rose and Challenger.

The engine is widely known among railroad enthusiasts for its excursion runs over UP's Sherman Hill.

Big Boy 4014's story takes you to Cheyenne WY for a look at the restoration project of the century.

Follow the story of Sothern Pacific 484 No. 3751 back to the Sante Fe rails in southern CA.

Legendary Sante Fe 484 No. 2926 nears completion in New Mexico as the restoration grinds through its 17th year.

Running the Southern Pacific 4449 for crowds from coast to coast

Michigan's hardworking Berkshire. Decades after regular service, Pere Marquette No. 1225 is still reeling off the miles.

Milwaukee Road 484 No. 261 is marking 26 years of premium service to customers harkening back to the golden years of passenger trains.

Bringing the Southern Railway 282 No. 4501 back to life

Norfolk & Western 611. The best 484 ever built.

Taming the Beast of the East. Why choose the C & O 2662 no. 1309?

90 minutes, By TRAINS

Regular Price £25 NEW RELEASE OFFER £24 UNTIL 8th September 2017
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How to Model Today's Railroads

How to Model Today's Railroads


Model modern railroads in any scale!

How to Model Today's Railroads is an 84-page special issue from Model Railroader magazine. It is the only publication on the market that focuses on modeling modern railroads in any scale. Modelers will find expert advice from some of the magazine's best authors such as Pelle Søeborg, Lance Mindheim, Eric Brooman, Matt Snell, and Cody Grivno, covering topics including:

Modern-themed layouts.

Detailing and modifying modern locomotives.

Today's freight cars.

Modeling modern industries.

Present-day passenger service modeling.

Scenery, structures, and roads.
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Trains Across America 2018 Calendar

Trains Across America 2018 Calendar


This beautiful photographed calendar showcases a variety of hard-working trains, including Class I, shortline, and passenger units, in breathtaking scenes across the country. The calendar includes a bonus feature that highlights 75 must-see train sites.

* South Central Florida Express by Scott Hartley * Canadian Pacific by Mathew Hicks * Norfolk Southern by Clint Renegar * Florida East Coast by Tom Danneman * Norfolk & Western No. 611 by Kevin Burkholder * Union Pacific by Chris Guss * Iowa Pacific by Robert J. Della-Pietra * BNSF by David Lustig * Norfolk Southern by Chase Gunnoe * Union Pacific by Drew Halverson * CSX by Samual Phillips * BNSF by Kit Courter

Size: 13 x 10.5
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The Locomotive 2017 100-page annual issue takes a comprehensive look at the most powerful locomotives in North America with compelling stories and spectacular photography.

The Motive Power Review includes the latest news, trends, and developments in locomotive technology, as well as an exclusive listing of every new locomotive built and major rebuilds!

This all-new special issue is a wonderful companion to the Locomotive 2017 DVD above.

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The Model Railroader's Guide to Logging Railroads

The Model Railroader's Guide to Logging Railroads

Ref: 12423

Price: 16.00

Matt Coleman explains the business of logging railroads and shows prototype operations by region. Photos of locomotives and other logging-line equipment and structures set the stage for modeling logging scenes and designing a logging layout.

Railroads and the logging industry have been tied together since the mid-1 800s. For more than 100 years, railroads dedicated strictly to logging snaked into forests from the Pacific Northwest to New England and the Deep South, hauling logs from temporary camps to sawmills along rivers and coastlines.

The Model Railroaders Guide to Logging Railroads traces the history of the timber industry and its railroads, following advances in logging methods and equipment, specialized rolling stock, and the development of geared steam locomotives, including the Shay, Climax, and Heisler designs.

This book includes information and tips about:

* Logging camps and structures * Sawmills and log ponds

* Skeleton cars, log bunks, and other rolling stock * Loading and unloading log trains

* Track planning for logging lines * Geared steam locomotives

Softcover; 8.25 x 10.75; 80 pages; 75 color photos; 75 b&w photos; 5 illustrations;

Waterfront Terminals and Operations

Waterfront Terminals and Operations

Ref: 12497

Price: 22.00

By Bernard Kempinski

Rail-marine operations are a vital aspect of modern transportation, and Waterfront Terminals and Operations explores this trend topic in model railroading.

This book includes:

A historical overview of the railroad-marine interface - the terminal where railroad tracks meet lakes or sea, from a modeler's perspective.

Chapters on break bulk piers and terminals, grain terminals, mineral terminals, railroad ferries and car float terminals, container terminals, barge terminals, ship building, and modeling water and wharves.

Prototype information along with buildable track plans and modeling tips.

Softcover * 96 pages * 175 color photos * 8 1/4 × 10 3/4

Scenery by the Seasons

Scenery by the Seasons

Ref: 0890247174

Price: 15.50

With its seasonal approach, this book offers a unique look at scenery. Designed for all model railroaders, the book is especially valuable for those who are in the planning stages of their layouts or for those looking to refresh their layouts through a change of seasons. Written by a who's who of scenery experts, the book features a range of season-specific projects that incorporate the latest scenery construction tips and techniques. Appropriate for all levels of model railroaders Shows how to model trees, crops, and water in different seasons Features the short-cuts and innovations from a panel of scenery experts

Softcover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 96 pages; 200 color photos;

Easy Model Railroad Scenery Projects

Easy Model Railroad Scenery Projects

Ref: 12499

Price: 19.00

By Jeff Wilson

This project-oriented book covers all areas of building model railroad scenery, including landforms, terrain, water, rockwork, trees, and more. The book's step-by-step photos and instructions make it easy for modelers to learn how to create realistic scenes.

It includes:

* A wide variety of scenery techniques from noted authors.

* Projects using traditional materials as well as newer products.

* Advice that applicable to many layouts regardless of scale.

Author: Jeff Wilson * Size: 8.25 x 10.75 * Pages: 112

Color Photos: 240

£ 18.00 FREE UK p&p

How to Build and Detail Model Railroad Scenes, Vol. 2

How to Build and Detail Model Railroad Scenes, Vol. 2


Price: 14.50

By Lou Sassi

Learn how to realistically model a main street firehouse, an implement dealership, and an entire Northeastern town. Included are historical backgrounds and period details.

Softcover; 8.25 x 10.75; 80 pages;

Painting Backdrops for Your Model Railroad

Painting Backdrops for Your Model Railroad

Ref: 12425

Price: 16.50

By Mike Danneman

This book shows you how easy it can be to add backdrops to your layouts by explaining why you need one, how to build and paint one, how to add clouds, how to blend with layout scenery, and more. Other techniques such as using photos and commercial backdrops are also included.

Softcover; 8.25 x 10.75; 80 pages; 160 color photos;

Planning Scenery for Your Model Railroad

Planning Scenery for Your Model Railroad

Ref: 12410

Price: 15.00

By Tony Koester

This volume shows modelers how to turn to the real thing - natural land forms, crops, forests, water features, and even the seasons, to get better results on their model railroad layouts. What are the critical - and "model-able" - differences between the Rockies and the Appalachian Mountains, for example, and what resources can help modelers achieve a natural-looking scene from each area? Examples of incorporating realistic natural effects including rock strata, water forms, field crops, and space-saving industries. Softcover; 8.25 x 10.75; 96 pages; 175 color photos; 25 b&w photos; 10 illustrations;

How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery 3rd Edition

How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery 3rd Edition

Ref: 12216

Price: 21.00

By Dave Frary

One of model railroading's best-known scenery modelers offers new techniques for adding realism to a layout of any size or scale. Featuring today's newest products and equipment, this third edition of one of Kalmbach's top-sellers will attract modelers with contemporary images of diesel locomotives and urban settings, plus updates to Dave's trademark scenery "recipes." Hundreds of photographs bring the techniques to life and make it easy for modelers to get started quickly. * Includes new chapters on Western scenery and desert modeling, and city scenery and urban settings * Ideal for beginning, intermediate, and advanced modelers planning a layout

Softcover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 144 pages; 300 color photos; 150 b&w photos; 20 illustrations;

How to Build & Detail Model Railroad Scenes

How to Build & Detail Model Railroad Scenes

Ref: 0890245770

Price: 15.50

By Lou Sassi

This practical, photo-driven guide covers the principles and techniques of designing and constructing detailed, realistic model railroad scenes. The various projects include structure, scenery, and detailing techniques for both urban and rural settings. It's the essential information modelers need to make a good layout look great!

Softcover; 8.25 x 10.75; 88 pages; 225 color photos; 20 illustrations;

Trackside Scenes You Can Model

Trackside Scenes You Can Model

Ref: 089024235

Price: 14.00

Model your favorite prototype railroad

Historic color and black-and-white photographs capture intriguing prototype railroad settings from all over the U.S. The author details how you can realistically model each prototype scene on your own layout. Each chapter features a description of the scene including trackage, structures, and operating environment, and a suggested track plan

* Perfect for adding realism to a layout

8.25 x 10.75; 80 pgs.; 80 color and 20 b&w photos; 25 illus.; softcover.

Scenery for Your Model Railroad

Scenery for Your Model Railroad

Ref: 0890243239

Price: 14.00

by Mike Dannerman

from Backdrop to Tabletop

Learn how to give model railroad scenery character and life!

Create a more realistic scene behind and around your model railroad! This book shows you how, from ground cover and rockwork, to trees, water, and more. Learn the finishing touches that give a railroad character.

* Features a comprehensive approach to scenery, including instructions for integrating a backdrop with layout scenery

* Includes photos of models and prototype scenes for inspiration

* Perfect for the beginning/intermediate modeler preparing to build a layout

8.25 x 10.75; 80 pgs.; 150 color and 25 b&w photos; 10 illus.; softcover.

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